No matter where you come from. If you are on two wheels you are family.

Moving cyclists since 1895

And sponsoring Tour de France since 2004.

ŠKODA was born on two wheels and has been supporting the cycling family ever since. It's in our blood. The Tour de France sponsorship is an expression of our passion for the sport and tribute to our heritage. Here's to the gratest family of all: cyclists.

TOUR DE FRANCE 2019, presented by ŠKODA

Get the Tour de France app to keep up with the latest rankings, real-time race updates, GPS tracking, rider profiles and much more.

Stay on the safe side

We love cycling as much as we love safety. Tag along to learn how to stay on the safe side.

ŠKODA Cycling Collection 2019

If you like what we do with four wheels, check here and see what we can do with two.