Automotive and the German-Arab Chamber sign a Protocol

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Press Release for distribution

Cairo, December 14, 2020

Within the framework of the Global Volkswagen Group’s keenness to develop both the technical education system and young people’s skills, in order to raise the level of students with a view to entering the labor market in a distinguished manner and with high efficiency.

Given the distinguished relationship between the WV group and its agent in Egypt, Mr. Karim El naggar, representing the Group, held a meeting with Mr. Jan Noether, Executive Director of the German-Arab Chamber (AHK-Egypt), where a cooperation protocol was signed aiming at putting a plan for developing technical and applied education, and discussing ways of joint cooperation in this field. The plan is also targeting the emergence of new cadres that have the required technical and practical expertise, as well as granting adequate attention to applied education, which is considered one of the most important educational sectors in advanced countries. It is also getting much attention in Egypt, as it qualifies students for obtaining real job opportunities after graduation.

This protocol further aims to raise labor’s technical capacity in the market, in particular, in the field of vehicle after-sale services.

Noteworthy to mention that Egypt plans to launch more applied technological schools nationwide, as well as increasing their numbers in all governorates from 11 to at least 100 schools by 2030.

Applied education depends on increasing students’ chances of obtaining field and practical studies rather than theoretical study. This could be achieved by always placing them directly in various workshops and factories to learn and get acquainted closely with industrial requirements and needs.