Skoda Egypt secures COVID-19 vaccination

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Press Release for Circulation and Distribution

Cairo, Aug.31, 2021

Skoda Egypt, in cooperation with the Ministry of Health, carried out a comprehensive vaccination process for all its employees with the new COVID-19 vaccine at the company's premises in Katameya.

This initiative emerges as part of Skoda Egypt’s corporate social responsibility with regard to giving a hand to Egypt in encountering the Corona Virus. The purpose is to maintain the safety of both clients and employees, as well as applying the health and safety measures to the most possible extent.

The company highlighted the efforts exerted by the Egyptian Ministry of Health and Population addressing the Corona Virus and securing vaccines. The company has also exerted relentless efforts in support for its employees, especially with the challenges faced in terms of securing large volumes of the difficult-to-obtain vaccines.

With the emergence of the Corona Virus, the company stressed in a press release that Skoda Egypt’s vision has been focusing on caring for its employees’ health; putting their security and safety on top of its priorities. Today, Skoda Egypt proudly announces a fully successful vaccination process, in addition to maintaining a healthy and safe environment for all employees at work.

Noteworthy to mention that “Skoda Egypt” was one of the first companies working in the field of cars that took the necessary precautionary measures against the Corona virus in order to maintain its employees’ health and safety, as well as frequent visitors to the company’s showrooms and service centers. Furthermore, the Company conducted a full sterilization process for the company’s buildings, floors and offices of administrative staff as well as exhibitions and car garage. It also introduced a strict monitoring system within the company to ensure that all company employees adhere to the World Health Organization instructions, including but not limited to, wearing masks and gloves at work, using the necessary disinfectants, and preventing any gatherings, meetings or activities in the company that are not authorized by the World Health Organization. The company also daily follows up all employees of the company and assist them conduct necessary medical analysis to ensure their safety.